Keeping gums healthy between dental visits can be challenging

1 in 3 adults surveyed suffers from bleeding gums1

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In another survey, 75% of respondents took no action2

Patients often ignore symptoms because they believe bleeding gums are3,4:

A sign of efficient cleaning3,4

They assume blood is the result of brushing or flossing too hard

A temporary problem3,4

Blame symptom on underlying factors such as stress, genetics, age, etc.

A normal part of daily life3,4

Fail to understand that bleeding gums may be associated with gingivitis


Avoid the problem because they fear the long-term damage cannot be resolved

Gingivitis Side Effects

Gingivitis can have a significant impact on your patients’ social and emotional well-being3,4

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Anxiety about the underlying causes3,4

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Paranoia over the appearance of their gums and teeth4

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Embarrassment and lack of confidence in public3,4

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Fear of social rejection3,4

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Awkwardness in social situations, especially when meeting new people4

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With your help, patients can better understand the impact of bleeding gums on their daily quality of life.

By recommending parodontaxTM toothpaste, you can further help patients manage bleeding gums at home between dental visits.5,6